Blogging eh?!

cropped-img_6189.jpgOk so here goes! Hello lovelies! My first ever blog post! Goodness knows who on earth will be reading it! But if you do! I’d love to hear from you!  I’m joining the hundreds of thousands of bloggers around the world it seems! (About time, I hear a certain someone saying!)

Im not sure today is probably the best day to start! But everyone has to somewhere! So sod it!

I broke my toe Tuesday, kicking a packing crate..not the husband 😳 , the boiler broke yesterday so I’ve had no hot water for two days and isn’t being fixed until tomorrow, had a total PayPal nightmare😡 they found getting married and changing your name a reason to keep my funds frozen😡 15 emails and a 30 minute conversation and calm and MY MONEY was restored, then spent the last 6.5 hours on the phone trying to change everything into my married name (why is this so hard..people getting married is a new phenomenon?!🤔) and new “joint account” (yes! Joint! check me out I’m a grown up) with a power cut smack bang in the middle 🙄 so to sum up today…it’s been pretty crappy. Oh and I had my last cigarette 😳 Possibly not the best day to stop smoking! But we will have to see how that goes! I’ve stuck a tenna in the honeymoon spending pot…go me!

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel 😍 I’ve now got the rest of the evening to get my craft on! I’ve got the most gorgeous Stampin’ Up papers to use! I’ve recently branched out with craft and become a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. I started using their products many years ago at Pats house! I love Pat! She was also my wedding photographer…I’ll leave that for another day and bore you with my pics!  I have been a fan ever since! This is just an amazing opportunity to be able to work with such gorgeous versatile products and share my passion with others! I’ve even gone and got myself a website! Blogging, websites, joint bank accounts!!! Whatever next! With me, you’ll never know! I rarely do myself! Here’s my web link where you can view the delicious products in the catalogues…..take note…only for another 15 days…if you spend over £45 you can choose any item in the saleabration catalogue totally free!!! 😍 (any q’s just shout)

So I’m going to have a play with some scrapbook sketches that are on my Pinterest…ones I’ve been meaning to attack…for errrr years 😳. I’m going to be using the in colour designer papers series collection 2016-2018! The colours are just lush! And I’ll be revealing what I do at an online workshop this weekend! And if you’re interested…here after that!

The good thing is, tonight’s dinner is on..gotta keep the hubster happy! Slow cooked Minted lamb chops in rosemary, garlic and balsamic stock! I popped them in the slow cooker on low for 6 hours. I actually couldn’t live without my slow cooker..I’ll thicken the stock before serving with a bit of flour and bisto and serve with peas and our new favourite potato dish 😍😍 garlic and parsley crushed new potatoes! These are simple Simon! Just par boil, add garlic, parsley, butter and a bit of cream if I’ve got any 😂 And then rough up with a fork, then stick in a oven proof dish in oven on 200/gas mark 6 for 20 minutes to brown off! 👌

As soon as I work out how! I’ll add links to my cooking and craft groups…where you are more than welcome to join me and lots of other like minded and often crazy (not me I’m sane 😜) Individuals!

Ciao for now lovelies!

Louise xx


9 thoughts on “Blogging eh?!

  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I’ve been doing it on and off for years…started with a crafty one mostly….with some wedding planning thrown in too….now it’s a Mummy one as that’s where my life is at at the min. Sorry to hear about your rubbish week….glad you can now relax and get your craft on though! My PayPal is still in my maiden name….I gave up in the end!xx

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  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it and when you do you can let the rest of us know 🙂
    Sorry to hear you’ve had a crappy day, hopefully tomorrow with be better.
    With some companies changing your name once you’re married is a nightmare – I think I still had cable in my maiden name when I cancelled it 2 years ago and I had been married 10 years at that point!!!

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