Plumbers and craft! 

Hello lovelies! Well, the electrician came, the plumber came and guess what!?! It can’t be fixed until next week! So we have no hot water! My little darlings are at friends! As no hot water and electricity problems and children don’t go hand in hand! Anyway! At least I have a time frame! Plus a bonus was…I now have another thing on my wish list 😍👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 this tool bag for my inks and sprays! (If you see my sparky Shaun please don’t tell him I was taking sneaky photos of his tool bag, he already things I’m mad) 

So In a moment of madness, I decide that making glimmer mists and spraying ink would be a fabulous idea! 😂 then I remember I am going out tonight and haven’t got any hot water!! #epicfail 

So I’m now covered in hot pink and gold shimmery paint!! 

I’ll reveal what I’m going to be doing with them after this weekends Stampin Up workshop. Going to be using the designer series papers! They are just gorgeous 👌 you can see the whole collection on my web site. 

No slow cooker today….the whole hot water thing makes it all too much effort! And I’m eating out anyway! Thinking barbecue at the new place tomorrow, hubster has a list of jobs that need doing up there….so pray for fine weather! 

So I’d better get my arse in gear, to go and bleach my hands and nails and try and get some of this ink off!! 😘


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