Where has the week gone?

Hello lovelies! I honestly don’t know where the time goes. I often think working from home is harder and more stressful than going out to work, and now I’ve taken on Stampin Up as well as my other business, things have got even busier! But it’s just how I like it. But back to normal now, juggling day job, businesses, kids, home, hobbies, reading, cooking, husband, the usual stuff.

Michelle from Ugly Bug has been setting weekly Stampin Up challenges for #teamietuesday I’ve failed this week. I sat down yesterday at 4 and woke up 3.5 hours later. Total waste of time. I might try and fit in a scrap or art journal page today in between work and going out tonight. Yes I’m leaving poor husband alone again. Poor sausage, but he knows I’ll make it up to him ☺️

Been totally wrapped up in two of this months book club reads (details can be found on my FB page) the teacher and the couple next door. Both completely gripped me from the beginning. If you like gritty psychological thrillers, you’ll enjoy these. Both new authors to me, and I can’t wait to read more from them.

cooked beef stroganoff yesterday! Was simply divine! Marinated steak in white wine, whole grain mustard and garlic and then added mushrooms and cooked low for 5 hours. Added cream before serving and served with mixed veg and smashed up mash. Keep an eye on my FB slow cooking group for more yummy recipes.

Really loving my planner this week. It’s a kit from Hazy Days that I received in Newcastle at Pamper and plan a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s soooooo pretty!

Well that’s about it for me today, off to make some phone calls!

And FYI…not sure where it came from, certainly not me….but I don’t have a barn! I’d love a barn! What we have is ours! And it certainly isn’t a barn! If I get enough animals and a small lottery win, I’ll let you all know! And I’ll have a barn party! 😂


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