Mothers Day…feeling blessed

Hi lovelies. Wow, what a weekend. Had a really lovely Mother’s Day. Got totally spoilt with love. Spent the day with my husband, son and mother and father in law. I started off the meats and my lovely husband finished cooking dinner for everyone. It was a feast! We then spent the evening laughing and joking and being generally a very happy family. We had a fantastic snugly lay in on Monday and then headed to the garden centre where we spoilt ourselves on flowers and tools for the garden. That was where the relaxing ended! 7 hours to start a flower bed! Cor we worked hard. It was back breaking work, but we got there! We even had a romantic barbecue over a bonfire. It really was a perfect weekend. We came home to very hot baths to soak our tired aching bodies and very large glasses of wine! Sleep came pretty easily I can tell you! 

Been planning this morning, still loving my Heidi swapp. Got all the dates sorted for the next few months. So we are feeling pretty organised. Loving this weeks kit from #oodlemadoodles its ever so pretty. 

Just off to finish a scrap layout for a MTS Chinese whisper challenge. Then dinner to prep for tonight. Might even make some cards later. I’ll see how much time I have! That’s something I don’t have a lot of lately! Very full on…..


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